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Posted on August 01 2020



If you get it right, a good pair of boots will provide you with years of comfort, durability and style. Think of the as an investment - an outlay now that future-you will thank you for. Here's what to look for...


If you want good quality boots, you need to invest in good quality leather. Anything else will fall short on almost all fronts - comfort, durability, longevity. 

The next step is to make sure you look after your boots. Some leathers, like suedes and nubucks, are really raw and they absorb waters and oils. These ones should be waterproofed with a spray and the more you do it, the more it builds up so the less likely you are to get marks.  The waxy leathers can be polished and there is usually waterproofing agents in the polish.

Don't forget about the sole! If you're investing in boots to last 5+ years, you need to make sure the bit that hits the pavement is of a durable material such as rubber or polyurethane (PU). Grip is also useful, but it can wear - like the tyres on your car. Having your boots resoled is a great option if you want to get more mileage out of them.

taupe leather ankle boots


Ill-fitting shoes never last the distance. They wear in places they shouldn't ... and that's if your feet can stand being in them long enough.

Like Cinderella, it needs to be perfect, but it's about more than knowing your size. Some brands and shoes can vary in size and shape - some might be a regular length but are better suited to a narrow foot; others might be wider; some might require you going up or down a size.

While nothing beats having a shoe professionally fitted by some old hands of the trade (us!), you can still get a well-fitted shoe online, with the right support and advice.

We are here to help. Email or phone us, or hit message us on Instagram or Facebook and we can talk to you about your feet - what works, what doesn't, what you've found in the past, what you think you'll need in the future. We can recommend shoes and boots that we know are wide, skinny, standard etc. and you can take any additional measurements that will help us make the right, educated decision about what size you need and what shoe will suit you best.

tan leather boots with heel


This one is personal - some love a boot that will 'stand out' no matter what the current trend; others prefer something that will 'stand the test of time' and prefer something classic.

The thing about a good pair of boots is - regardless of colour or shape - quality boots will always look stylish.

For those looking for some direction, here are some tips on shapes, colours and styles:

LITTLE BLACK BOOT... suitable for every day wear, like the LBD (Little Black Dress), your LBB will likely be flat or with a low-medium chunky heel and should come in a classic shape to last the test of time - like these little beauties.

DAY-TO-NIGHT...the heel often determines whether the boot is dressy or casual. A medium heel which has some shape and not too chunky will be the most likely to cover both. If you’re looking for day wear and casual evening wear a low or flat option will fit the bill and will also be excellent when travelling. Our Darius boot is a great example!

WELL HEELED....this is dictated by both lifestyle and whether or not your feet can stand being in a heel. Some of us require a smarter and more dressed boot to suit our occupation or our lifestyle and therefore find a boot with a heel (often a medium heel will take us further) is the most suitable. If you have problems with your feet and require a low or flat boot these can still look stylish if the shape is good and the quality shows. Our Collie boots are a great options for those looking for a heeled boot without compromising on comfort.

TURN UP THE TAN....tan is often thought of as being a more casual option. This is true but if accessorised correctly with a bag/belt/necklace/earrings in the same family of colour it can also have a “smart” appearance. A tan boot also looks great with summer clothing. A cotton or linen summer dress looks very cute with a pair of little tan boots, as do shorts and pants. A rich tan or chocolate is also a good option in this family of colour as it looks great with pretty much anything in your winter wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. You can find some of our favourite tan boots here, here and here.

GO HIGHER....depending on trends, knee-high boots can be worn with skirts, dresses, jeans and even shorts. The cost is higher due to the amount of leather required both on the outer boot and in the lining. A good pair of classic knee-high boots will last season after season, even if their popularity (fashion-wise) might skip a season here or there. A great investment in either black, tan or brown.

GET CREATIVE....don’t forget just how versatile a quirky colour can be! Blue, red or mustard are often favourites when wanting to add a pop of colour to an outfit and it’s always surprising just how many things they go with! These fun colours can be worn with your neutral wardrobe to liven it up and will look just as good with your colourful clothes. Check out our these blue beauties and these suede cow hide boots!

suede leather cow hide ankle boots

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